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It is hard to hide the fact that I like Extrema Ratio's designs. I reviewed both the Nemesis and the Col Moschin with great enthusiasm and I am a big fan of their avant garde designs and the materials they use and their clean, aggressive and uncomplicated lines.

The task C is the compact version of the murderous Extrema Ratio Task combat knife. It retains the same general look and functions in a much smaller version. Both knives come with amazing sheaths - the C version has a hard case sheath that is as rugged and as awesome as they come. I prefer it to the full size sheath, even if both are superb and miles above 99% of production sheaths out there.

I am not going to give you the same spiel about the Extrema company, please refer to my previous reviews for that. The short story is that they build combat proven knives utilized by Italian military and special forces.

I spent many moons pondering which Extrema model to get next after having received the majestic Col Moschin. This full size knife has serrations and I really wanted something less "toothy" this time. xtremeknives.com obliged and special ordered the Task C without serrations. I went with the Task C over models like the Fulcrum C or the Shrapnel because the Task had my favorite wharncliffe blade shape and it just seemed all round more useful in real world scenarios such as cutting a thing off a thing.

To obtain the development of products with a high level of performance, our prototypes and samples undergo the strictest NATO tests, integrated with other more specific and even stricter tests carried out inside our laboratory.
— extremaratioknivesdivision.eu



This style is not for everybody, but it is definitely for me. I find great enjoyment in the simple shape - both the full size and the compact Task are very close to the perfect blade design in my mind.

You might need to get used to the handles - but the trademark shape is remarkably comfortable.

I even like the lettering on the blade - which can't be said for most other designs.





The trademark handles are remarkably comfortable, yes, but I strongly prefer the full size handles found in the larger combat knives, such as the Fulcrum, Col Moschin, Task and Doberman.

You just run out of room for your pinky finger, even with smaller hands. I think this is a big problem that limits its usefulness. However, you have a generous finger choil for a higher grip for better precision cutting - paired with both "positive" and "negative jimping" on the handle and spine.

Apart from that, the Forprene feels great and provides great friction and I guess you could remedy shortness of the handle using a lanyard for extra grip. There's a generous sized lanyard hole for exactly that purpose - also serving as a pummel or window breaker.





Brilliant. Exquisite coat and camo. No-nonsense tooling. tight fitting one-piece handles. Sheath of the Year. Great branding and packaging. 




Great no bullshit materials. Rugged forprene one-piece handles, fastened with just one screw. Full tang blade, N690 steel. And a sheath that could probably withstand some rough-housing. Once you get over being precious about not scratching up the beautiful camo job, this is a knife that won't buckle.





A great size for flexible everyday handling of small to mid-sized duties. This is not a combat knife, neither is it a bushcraft chopper. The smaller size gives it half a star less - I'd find more use for it if the handle was just half an inch longer.

Serrations are not for everybody, and these come half serrated in their default configuration. xtremeknives.com allows you to special order them plain. In my opinion a plain knife is preferable - unless I was deployed or participating in Naked & Afraid.

The knife is a little too Special Forces to pull out in urban settings and would probably freak most people out.





Unlike a folding knife, fixed blades are less satisfactory to fuck around with. Extrema Ratio fixed blades, however, are such fine tools that you want to un-sheathe it and get a bit of that Forprene fix every once in a while.

It is very fine tuned in its sheathing, providing just enough friction to stay safely put, coming loose with a firm tug.



Beautiful knife and a great sheath. Maybe a bit pricy at around $180.00 but you get amazing quality for the money. 

It would work perfectly, mounted on a molle rig or vest - the sheath holds the knife very securely mounted both up and down during the wildest physical feats. It also has a very solid belt clip that has an extra safety lock on it.

All in all, a perfect hard-use knife, but a tiny bit too small a handle for my taste. And its awesome appearance restricts the use somewhat, it is not a shy fella. Consider the full size Task model if size and politically correctness is not an issue.

Buy the Task C and most other Extrema Ratio models from xtremeknives.com. Do not buy them on eBay.

At a glance:

  • Comes in Desert Finish (GeoCamo) or Black

  • Total Length of Knife (Includes window breaker): 212mm (8.35 inches)

  • Blade Length: 110mm (4.33 inches)

  • Total length of knife and sheath: 228.60mm (9 inches)

  • Weight: 200g (7.05 ounces)

  • Weight incl. sheath: 326.02g (11.50 ounces)

  • Blade thickness (widest part): 6.3mm (0.25 inches)

  • Blade width (widest section): 30.48mm (1.20 inches)

  • Blade: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel, flat grind, Rockwell 58 HRC hardness

  • Partially serrated blade or plain - 40.64mm (1.60 inches)

  • Handle: Forprene

  • Handle Length (Excludes Window Breaker): 96.52mm (3.80 inches)

  • $180.00


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 Review by Sir Ribault Bullfinger

Review by Sir Ribault Bullfinger

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