Extrema Ratio has been producing knives and tools for many different army units of the Italian military since 1997. Different models have also been adopted by and issued to French, Swiss and British forces as well.

ER knives share a very unique design style. It took me a while to get used to the hard angles and the raw, almost brutal look. This particular model is part of their "Heavy Folder" lineup and is definitely meant for hard use.

When I received the Nemesis I was surprised that the knife actually felt a lot more legit and solid in person than how they appear in pictures.

You plop out the knife of the plastic zip-loc bag and you can tell this knife is in a different league. You feel a sadness that you will never be able to really offer this knife enough action to justify such an expensive purchase.

The price point for Extrema knives is pretty extreme and there is a crime-ridden, ugly underbelly of fakes and knock-offs out there. So check the Reseller Index on the official site to make sure you are getting the real thing.

All our products are studied and realized for the solution of problems, and are both technical and professional tools.
We produce only a few articles, and we firmly believe in their efficiency. Each article is dedicated to specific users. For this reason we prefer to modify our products rather than making something different or new. The interaction we have with our clients has made an outstanding contribution to our experience and knowledge, thus transforming and advancing the evolution of our products.
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The design of this knife is strangely off balance - the Nemesis shares the same handle with the ER MPC model which seems better balanced with a wider blade - the Nemesis has a much thinner blade which makes it seem butt-heavy.

I do like the trademark handle shape carrying through most Extrema designs - even though ER's designs are very distinct and almost avant garde, there is a level of honesty to them as well. In Extrema's words, this knife is "designed in the Italian style". 





This is a big folding knife. The two finger indent at the top of the grip settles the knife nicely in the hand - the design of the top of the handle acts as a hand guard and prevents from slipping your fingers onto the blade.

It feels and weighs like a medium sized fixed blade, and inspires confidence. There is no real grippyness in the scales, like you'd find in Ratio's wonderful neoprene handles on their fixed blades, and the knife would get pretty chilly in cold weather. I would prefer using gloves with this one.





This knife looks and feels like it would survive anything. No flimsy scales and details. The finish on the handle and blade is great - some might object to the huge decals on the sides of the blade, but I find it fairly tastefully applied - especially the model name along the back of the handles.




I have no doubts this knife could survive anything. It is quite simply astonishing in its solidity. What it lacks in elegance and smoothness it makes up in heavy duty, all metal construction and double lock safety -a back lock so solid it almost is almost impossible to operate. There is no flimsy-sounding G10 scales or wobbly liner locks. 

The blade is thick and scary, the belt clip wide, full-metal constructed handle guards and glass breaker.





Out of all my folders, I'd probably want to get stuck in the Netherworld with this one - but in terms of every day use, it simply is way too long, heavy and aggressive. The blade says nothing but "STAB, STAB" and you'd have a hard time casually slicing your carrots in the town plaza without having the cops summoned.

It would make a perfect glove box tool, though.





My specimen has a very stiff blade and an impossible back lock which leaves imprints on my thumb after operating it. In it's closed state it feels like a solid, serious tool, a nice, big chunk of metal.

The locking of the blade is loud and solid and very satisfying. But that is about it. You'd have a bloodied thumb after 10 minutes of flipping this monster.



I don't have much real use for a knife like this. If I were to carry a knife this size and weight I might as well sport a fixed blade - like the excellent ER Task C or the beautiful LionSteel M3. The only proper application I can think of outside military use would be in a vehicle "tool kit" or similar. It is just too aggressive and wild looking that you can't be seen in public with this thing.

Outside of the fact that it is too big to carry, to crazy to be seen with and will get you arrested, this knife will outlast any other knife in my collection. It would survive anything.

If I had these soft hands and had actually served some time in the army, I would have definitely brought this little friend along.

Buy the Nemesis and other great Extrema Ratio knives at xtremeknives.com.


At a glance:

  • Weight: 225g (7.93 oz)

  • Blade length: 115mm (4.53")

  • Total length: 260mm (10.24")

  • Blade thickness 6mm (0.24")

  • Blade steel: N690 (58HRC)

  • Handle material: Anticorodal

  • Back lock and blade lock

  • $340.00

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Review by Sir Charley Rhinestool II

Review by Sir Charley Rhinestool II

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